Can Your Website Be Seen on Mobile Devices?

If not, you are losing sales to your competition.

Kevin J. Banet, website designer

Kevin Banet, website designer

Listen as I explain how a mobile-responsive website will grow your business. 


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Are you forcing your mobile customers to scroll sideways, up and down and every which-way to see your website?

Then it's like a rubic's cube of confusion.

Every month, the percentage of web users who use mobile over desktops increases. Today, about seven in ten Americans use some form of mobile technology, such as smart phones and tablets. A Pew Internet survey showed that about a third of American users surveyed said they use mobile as their primary way to access the web.

And yet, only six percent of small to medium-sized businesses have mobile-responsive websites, according to a recent study by the online marketer Hibu.

Are you losing money to mobile customers?

Many website designers promise that their sites are “mobile friendly.” But are they truly responsive? A responsive website is one that reformats menus and images. It will have a minimum of scrolling.

When our team designs your website, it will be responsive. It will have a clean and elegant look, it will load quickly, and it will be designed to win sales for your company.

We don't mean to sound simplistic, but the purpose of a website is to sell a product or service. If your website isn't mobile responsive, your viewers will leave in frustration.

I've been building websites since 2003. I work from the Chicago area with a small team of professionals to give you an attractive website, built on the WordPress platform, that's geared to increase your business or nonprofit success.

Your build is coordinated by me, and in the end, it will give you a boost of confidence. I'll make sure that your website emphasizes your unique selling proposition and enhances your brand.

Other significant features of our sites:

  • Built on the popular WordPress platform, which has thousands of plugins.
  • Containts a Content Management System (CMS) for you to add pages, pictures, and blog posts from any computer with a password.
  • Every page is SEO-optimized for Google searches. We'll even write SEO-friendly text if you like.

What's to keep you getting up to date with a site that's mobile-responsive and designed to bring in more viewers? Call me today at 708-393-4098. Or fill out the contact box above.

- Kevin J. Banet, CEO, TreeFrogClick marketing

“The work Kevin did for us exceeded my expectations for more reasons than one. It is very difficult to even find a web guy that answers his phone. Kevin always answered and returned messages within the hour…. Hire this man for your next web project!”
— Jake MacAuley, website for Sons of Liberty Media, Anandale, MN
“Many hands make for a great web site. Kevin should be proud of what he has wrought, and PL and especially JK have done a great job. My thanks and admiration for the final product.”
— J. F., about Defend Marriage Illinois.
"Kev – DANG you’re good! MM Corp has found your/my site on the internet."
— R. G., Mortgage Banker, about SEO
“Kevin has done a lot of research and can build a site that is attractive, functional, and geared toward bringing in new customers for businesses. I have always been impressed most with his creativity.”
— Fr. Joseph Eddy, Order of Mercy, Philadelphia