A winning nonprofit marketing plan

Facebook training with screen sharing

Is it time to review your social media promotion?

Do you want more members for your nonprofit? More donors?

Want to get better at marketing your nonprofit?

Does  your nonprofit’s “to-do” list look like this:

  • Plan a strategy for regular Facebook posts
  • Develop attractive Facebook memes with simple but clever sayings
  • Start/improve paid ads to bring in new Facebook fans
  • Use paid ads to promote your nonprofit
  • Write compelling newsletters
  • Redesign your website so that it’s responsive to mobile devices
  • Find an easy way to train workers in social media

If so, here’s where you can both learn more about how to do it, or hire us at TreeFrogClick to help.

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You need to work with experts who 1) know the field of nonprofit social marketing, and who can 2) help you with a customized publicity program.

Whether you’d like to outsource your work or train your staff, our firm, TreeFrogClick, can meet the needs of your budget. We do both one-time projects and ongoing monthly promotion. Our ongoing plans start at $700 per month.

For rates and to get started, call Kevin Banet at the number at the top of this website, or contact me.