Get customers by driving fans to your Facebook page

Facebook "like" bike

Work to get those thumbs up, or “likes” for your Facebook page. These fans are your prospects.

Want to ramp up your business with prospects who are suited to do business with you?

Grow them with Facebook fans.

The first step is to gain fans, or “likes” for your page. The quickest way to do this is through paid ads. These ads can be targeted to those likely to need your services. For example, if you sell home playground equipment, for example, you want to target those who recently took out a mortgage, those with children aged 0-12, and so on.

Keep your Facebook page active and get people engaged by offering advice and responding to their questions and comments. Encourage your fans to post. Your fan base is your prospect list. Then offer a free consulting session of say, 20 minutes about their situation. These people then become your paying clients.

Right now, at TreeFrogClick marketing, we are getting about 5,000 fans a month for a non-profit through Facebook ads. Our client now has 140,000 fans between two pages, and these high numbers help him get speaking gigs. That’s because the large number of fans impress groups who are looking for someone to speak.

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Why not think of starting, or improving your Facebook fan page?