How to market on Memorial Day and break other rules

I’m going to dare the marketing industry by telling it how to break some time-honored rules.

Here’s what they say: “The best days to send your emails are blah, blah, blah. And don’t send them during blah, blah, blah.”

Maybe those are just big lies.

Or maybe they just don’t know how to break the rules.

There are some hidden secrets to sending newsletters on certain dates and times, and getting people to open them.

Here are the subject lines and results of some of our recent newsletters sent just before holidays, and during odd days when you’re not supposed to be doing this.

“Break the rules” newsletters:

Any open rate of 30% or above for an opt-in list is considered good in the industry. A little secret: if you’re sending out a holiday newsletter, put the name or a theme of the holiday in the subject line, to make it relevant.

What happens after they are opened?

In the last newsletter we sent a few weeks ago for our own marketing, 1.3% of our list either called or emailed us. They wanted our services. This means that if you have a list of only 500 people, you will get six people contacting you for more work.

Isn’t that sweet?

In our case, these folks have either done business with us before, or were prospects. We’re now working with them on potential new projects.

So, if you’re at the supermarket now trying to decide whether to grill low-cholesterol hamburgers or fat-free hot dogs in two days, think about how we here at TreeFrogClick can help you reactivate your dormant clients, and turn prospects into buyers:

What TreeFrogClick can do for you

  1. Newsletter campaign. Our program to write and send knock ’em dead newsletters for you once or twice a month.
  2. Developing a “hot responders” group from your list so you can make prospect calls.
  3. Sending Facebook ads to people who are on your enewsletter list. For lists of 2,000 or more. (Yup, we can do this.)
  4. For nonprofits: a program to move your mailed fund-appeal donors to your enewsletter list. (Get with the times!)
  5. Free 15-minute consultation (see number above) with Kevin Banet for one tailor-made, sure-fire method to rocket your newsletter marketing.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend. And if you’ve squeezed in this article before mowing the lawn, you’ve proved my point.