Parish Ads — Catholic advertising at its best

Let’s face it, fellow Catholics.

We have not been using the internet enough to spread the faith.

It’s been said more than once – if St. Paul were alive today he would be tweeting, posting and emailing.

Today we at TreeFrogClick are rolling out a new program. It’s called Parish Ads.

My company can reach 1.9 million Facebook users who tend to be devout Catholics. We’ve been using a list that we’ve been cultivating for years to recruit young men and women to find good religious communities. You won’t find this list anywhere else. It can also be used to help parishes reach others.

We can target your audience by age, gender, geography, family status, and even such details as number and ages of children. This is all possible with Facebook’s ad techniques. And Facebook is adding features nearly every month.

Don’t you think the Apostles would be promoting the Gospel on the internet?

Social media is highly suited for religious purposes. And yet I’ve seen so many advertising efforts wasted on printed media and generic websites.

Personally, I feel that Facebook paid ads are better at targeting than a generic ad on a Catholic website, as good as that website may be.

And we at TreeFrogClick get results. We’ve been doing so for the Catholic world since 2007.

How so?

Recently, we obtained the names and emails of five persons in the first full day of a Facebook ad campaign for a Latin Mass for a parish in the Chicago area. All this for $13 in ad spend (funds sent to Facebook). Check out our St. Odilo Latin Mass campaign.

Yup, we know our stuff

Here at TreeFrogClick I work with a small group of marketing professionals. We know our faith, we have marketing savvy, and we are eager to work hard for your parish.

Do you want to promote a special program, outreach, or festival in your area? Confession events? Invitations to join RCIA? Do you want to reach out to non-practicing Catholics? Do you want to motivate your parishioners?

Try our Facebook Parish Ads, and you will see results.

So get started on your Parish Ad campaign. Contact me at 708-393-4098, or fill out the form on the Contact page.

St. Paul would be proud of you.