Email Marketing

You’ve heard it before: “The money is in the list.”

Maybe you’ve tried email campaigns and have been disappointed in the results. But are you following the basics of email marketing?

Did you know that for most products and services (we’re assuming you’re not Coca-Cola) you have to build trust with people? I know, I know… we all want a quick solution. So we take an ad on Google or Facebook to sell our product or service. But people aren’t just going to plunk down money for your product. They have to become convinced that you are competent and trustworthy.

Like a man courting his sweetheart, that’s a lot of chocolate and flowers.

Are you following what’s essential in email marketing?

  • Growing a list of qualified prospects. (Yes, there are legitimate ways.)
  • Writing drop-dead subject lines and headlines. (The subject line is your two-second pitch)
  • Addressing interests through list segmentation. (Not everyone is interested in everything you do.)
  • Making a clear and compelling call to action. (Many marketers bury this trigger.)
  • Getting inside your prospects’ heads and hearts. (Do you really know what they want?)
  • Using gimmicks such as free courses, white papers, posters, screen savers, etc. (Everyone wants a freebie.)
  • Following up your “opens” with new emails and sales calls. (These are your hot prospects.)

Email marketing seems deceptively simple. “I can write. I know my product,” you say.

Yes, but do you get around to sending those newsletters regularly? Do your newsletters stand out from the competition? Do you have the know-how of writing compelling copy, developing and offering a freebie, and so on?

Face it, millions of ad dollars are moving today from printed publications and television to the internet, and the competition for your product is tough. There’s more to email marketing than shooting fish in a barrel. You need an expert.

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