Facebook Marketing

Facebook car in the snowFacebook is more than a hangout for kids or those who have a lot of time to waste.

Your fans — those who have “liked” your page — form an audience that you can nurture along to become paying customers.

Your job is to increase engagement with your fans so that they become more interested in your product or service. You also want to increase the number of fans. This is done most quickly through paid ads sent to those who have interests and demographics similar to that of your business.

While Google has been the big boy on the block when it comes to pay-per-click since the early 2000’s, Facebook is the little brother who is catching up. Since the company went public in 2012, they have been aggressively ramping up their ad platform, with new changes and features coming out every few weeks. It’s good to jump on board in the early years to take advantage of this trend.

Finally, it’s been said that the purpose of a Facebook page is to build your email list. There’s a lot of truth to this statement. A newsletter is more intimate, and you can say more than in a Facebook post. Those who have opted in to receive your newsletter have a higher level of interest in you. That’s why a newsletter campaign should be part of your marketing.

Thus, we can boost your fan engagement, pitch for new fans, and grow your newsletter list with our Facebook social and ad marketing campaigns.