Facebook Starter Ad Program

Would you like to get more active members for your nonprofit or business? More donors or buyers?

The answer is a bigger fan base for your Facebook page. When you get more fans – quality fans – you’ll get more people who are devoted to what you believe in. More people who will take action, get involved, and send in their donations and payments.

But how do you grow your fan base? The quickest way is to advertise to like-minded people!

But how do you find such people? It would take you years to research and test Facebook’s interest groups. But we find these groups quickly.

Facebook Starter Ad Program

Our Facebook Starter Ad Program provides an easy way to get started in growing your Facebook fan base. Contact us for prices.

My firm, TreeFrogClick, has run over $18,000 in Facebook ads for nonprofits. We have found that the cost of our “likes” runs anywhere from 50 cents to $1 each.  (Disclaimer: Facebook determines the cost per like. We do all we can to get your like cost down.)

Contact me, Kevin Banet, today at the number above. Or contact us.