Malware Armor Plan™

A Prevention and Backup Plan

Is your WordPress website safe from hackers?

Are you aware that hackers could plant code on your website for mischievous ad links splashed over your pages?

Or that your entire site could crash because your bandwidth limit shot through the roof due to hackers getting into your site?

Hackers threaten websites every day, and they could damage or shut down your website at any time. These malicious programmers have found many “back door” entries into the popular WordPress platform and place malicious scripts on your website’s server. This can cost you thousands of dollars in repair and lost revenue.

Website belly up

We recently received a call from a website owner whose site went down. A hacker had placed advertising links in the banner area of the website. After that, the website failed to come up. It took us eight hours to find, clean up and restore the files damaged by the “Brute Force” malware.

You don’t want your website to go belly up, do you?

Why not prevent such a mishap with a malware prevention plan?

We have seen an increase in malware hack attempts over the last few years, a fact born out in the industry. We developed this product as a service to our own clients. Now we’re extending this great product to you.

The Malware Armor Plan™ by TreeFrogClick, Inc. is a prevention, backup, and maintenance plan that prevents malicious malware from invading your WordPress website.

The Malware Armor Plan™ gives you:

  1. Ongoing inspection and fixing of any weak points and “back door entries” in your WordPress setup.
  2. Installation of backup software, which backs up all of your posts, pages and system files every month on an external server.
  3. Monthly update of plugins. (Other services do not offer this.)
  4. Monthly update of your WordPress system.
  5. Notification if malware has invaded your website.
  6. Complimentary fixing font changes due to WordPress theme update problems.

This is the perfect plan to assure that your website is completely safe and your files are backed up. Thus, you have a backup of your entire website in case it goes down for any reason.

There is an installation and annual maintenance fee for the plan. Contact us to find out how much.

Call Kevin today at the number at the top of this page and get peace of mind with the Malware Armor Plan™. Or Contact him by email.