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The Golden Gate BridgeMany of today’s websites are like the news anchor on the old Mary Tyler Moore Show. Ted Baxter was handsome with a deep voice. He told funny jokes. But the news anchor’s intelligence stopped with the third IQ digit.

In the same way, many website design companies today offer a quickly-made job that looks as beautiful as the Golden Gate Bridge. But when it comes to the task of actually selling the company’s service or product, the site falls flat like an old covered bridge.

One glaring example is that many sites today just aren’t very mobile compatible. That’s more and more important every month, as the percentage of web users tips toward mobile. Today, about seven in ten Americans use some form of mobile technology. A Pew Internet survey showed that about a third of American users surveyed said they use mobile as their primary way to access the web. A ComScore study found that 46 percent of shoppers reported that they exclusively use their mobile device as a pre-purchase research tool for local products and services.

And yet, only six percent of small to medium-sized businesses have mobile-optimized websites, according to a recent study by the online marketer Hibu.

Is your website mobile-responsive?

Many website services promise that their sites are “mobile friendly.” But what does that mean? Sometimes they want you to make another page, one specifically for mobile. That’s confusing. And are they truly responsive? A responsive website is one with little or no resizing, panning, and scrolling.

Another feature of our websites is that they are uniquely suited for specially-made landing pages. These “capture” or “squeeze pages” are where your visitor goes when he clicks on your paid ad. They don’t have the menus and other distractions of other pages. They are geared toward getting the desired sales action. (See our own mobile-responsive capture page.)

When our team designs your website, it will have a clean and elegant look, one that is mobile-responsive, and one designed to win sales for your company.

Four strengths of our website design:

  • Personal service, with CEO Kevin Banet designing the site with you.
  • Mobile-friendly, with genuine responsive design. Looks good on all devices.
  • Special unique landing-page design, suited for paid advertising, for where the click takes you.
  • Content Management Service (CMS), which allows you to make changes to the site from any computer with a password.

Other features that are cool, too:

  • Built on the popular WordPress platform, which has thousands of plugins for many purposes.
  • A blog, if you want one.
  • Social media icons, and Facebook comment capability.
  • Capability for a small number payment integrations, such as with PayPal.
  • Backup software.
  • Built-in SEO optimize tweaking feature.
  • Search engine friendly.
  • Monthly visitor analytics report sent to you.
  • Add a monthly SEO plan (extra fees apply).
  • Your website is yours. We even give you cpanel access.

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