Why Advertise?

If yourBock Beer Advertising, 1882 business or non-profit is to grow, it must gain new customers.

Yes, you can get your existing customers to buy more products. But eventually you will need to go outside of your paying customers, into the larger world of likely prospects. Paid advertising is the quickest and most effective way to do this.

Advertising tells the viewer these things:

  • This ad is clever, cute, or compelling. So must be the advertiser.
  • This business must be good if it can afford this ad.
  • These people want my business – the others don’t seem to want it.
  • These people seem to be eagerly waiting for my phone call.
  • I bought from these people. Now I see their ad. It strengthens my confidence in them.

Internet advertising is now a heavy hitter as compared with the old traditional print, TV and radio methods. Here are some new aspects of internet advertising.

  • Ad campaigns are put together faster.
  • Ads are cheaper, and therefore more available to smaller businesses.
  • Ads are local.
  • Ads can target the psychographic aspects of prospects. In other words, their interests, clubs, and affiliations.
  • Ads can be used to do market research – find out in what customers are interested.

Why advertise? For all the reasons given here. So, if you need professional internet advertising, it’s time to get it. Call us at the number on the top of this page, or Contact Us.