Why I turned down a Hollywood promo job

To be the best, sometimes you gotta say no

Last week I did what some would say was stupid – I turned down a prospective high-profile job.

I had gotten a call from a man promoting a venture in the music industry. He had made a short video with his friends in Hollywood to ask for funding to make a full-length video. The video was of good quality in itself. But I’m just not into music industry promotion.

Besides, after seeing some of the characters in the video, I realized that when you get into a field like this, you’re getting your hands a bit dirty.

So I said no and turned down some possible business.

Stupid, some would say.

But others say that you should love what you do. When you really believe in the product, and like your client, you can help them soar.

But I just couldn’t get my head into this music thing.

Let me say that there are certain products and causes that our marketing team here at TreeFrogClick has gotten good at, such as nonprofit causes, financial products, security services, healthcare, the Catholic faith, and others. And, yes, certain things like water filters are something that I can get excited about.

But not Hollywood music.

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Not to brag, but over the years our team at TreeFrogClick has gotten pretty darn good at these tasks. We’re sharp and attentive when it comes to writing, producing artwork and sporting the tech know-how that you need. I’ve even been pleasantly surprised to find what my team can do.

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