Your gold mine is one inch from your fingertips

If your a fan of success stories, no doubt you’ve heard the story of gold miner R.U. Darby.

During the gold rush era in Colorado, Darby and his uncle ran a just-barely successful mining operation. At one point, however, the gold vein ran out. After digging here and there, they became frustrated and sold their equipment to a junk dealer.

But the junk dealer knew better. He hired a mining engineer who studied the situation and told him that the gold vein, in fact, lay three feet away from where the Darbys had stopped digging.

The junk dealer dug, and sure enough, found millions of dollars in ore.

Just an inch away

And yet, many businesses don’t know that their gold mine lies just an inch from their fingertips.

Yes, somewhere between the “A” key and the colon on your keyboard lies your golden hard drive with the email addresses of all your clients, prospects and friends.

The Darbys dug three feet – but all you have to do is dig three centimeters.

Everyone knows that your current and past clients are those who are most likely to buy from you again. A simple, well-written appeal may be all you need to bring your name and service top-of-mind.

Three new jobs

One of our newsletters recently brought in two new jobs right away, and a third one is on the way. Someone else we know sent a newsletter to their list and got two new client jobs right away.

Sometimes all it takes is a gentle reminder that you’re still in business and eager to help them.

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