Your newsletter stinks

Three fatal flaws of newsletters – my video exposes them

I’m going to find money in your mailing list.

And I’m going to show you how.

When you follow my advice, and see the results, you will be brimming with pride, like Jonathan Toews during his triumphant skate-around this week in front of the cheering Chicago Blackhawk crowds in Chicago while holding the Stanley Cup trophy aloft.

Hockey aside, I was so emotional about these three particular flaws that keep popping up in newsletters, my fingers couldn’t convey it all on a keyboard. So I made the below video, which is set for private viewing. It starts a bit rough, and I don’t mean to hurt your feelings. So forgive me if I sound like a Marine drill sergeant telling a recruit, “give me twenty.”

I’ve learned the above lessons the hard way. I’ve been through the desert, burned my feet, got bitten by the digital scorpions – all so you don’t have to.

How does it work? As everyone knows, your best customers are those who have done business with you before. So you need to keep in touch with your current and past customers, your networking friends and prospects.

You’ve heard that a salesperson has to visit a prospect eight to twelve times before making a sale? Well, your newsletter is your salesman at the door.

My newsletters work. In the six special projects that we here at TreeFrogClick have done in the past six months, five of them have been from subscribers, and four were previous clients. They showed different levels of interest in the letters over the past year. They ranged from one who opened up only one, to another who opened every one.

Heck, I even got a job by pitching to my Christmas card list in mid-year.

One of my clients said about the newsletter, “Kevin, you keep talking about how websites should be mobile-friendly. That’s why I’m calling.”

Don’t lurk on the edge of the dance floor

I believe there is so much potential with your list, I’m willing to write your newsletter, and upload it for a minimum fee. Since I understand the nature of most of the businesses and nonprofits among you who are reading this, it will be easier.

Someday, your business might soar so much that you’ll be able to afford the $12,000 Stanley Cup playoff ticket fees.

Just call me at the above number, or contact me today.