Five sure-fire ways to rocket your marketing efforts


Stuck in a publicity rut? Here are five quick ways to boost your marketing program.

1. Get more Facebook likes

Simply ask for them. Put up a compelling photo. Ask your fans to share it on their timelines with a request to like your page. Or boost your posts, using the boost paid feature on each post. Select groups most receptive to your message.

2. Improve your newsletter

Use the 80/20 rule: Mostly helpful info, and only 20% sales pitch. Give rather than get. Your members aren’t so much interested in you, but in the cause you represent. Or for businesses, their needs and pain points. So educate and entertain them with newsletters along those lines.

3. Make better Facebook posts

Use good pictures of what you are doing. Ask questions to spur comments, such as “What do you think?” Ask “why” or “what if” questions. Respond to comments promptly to get the conversation going.

4. Make your branding more personal

It’s always easier to make a connection with your members and clients if they know more about you and your organization. Why were you founded? What do you find exciting about what you are doing?

5. Redesign your website

Has it been three or four years since your website was designed? Tired of the waving hand image? Your site may need a redesign to meet your changing needs, or to meet your clients’ changing needs. Is your site responsive, meaning that it can be easily viewed on a mobile device? Some fifty percent of website visits come from mobile devices.

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